ProFractional Laser Resurfacing

ProFractional Laser Skin Resurfacing by Sciton available at Ren Cosmedical Canberra ACT Australia. Laser procedure is by Dr. Ren Poh. Visible results with minimal downtime. Skin maintenance, acne scar treatment, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented lesion and textural issue.
Full Field & Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Perfected by Sciton available at Ren Cosmedical Canberra ACT Australia. Laser procedure is by Dr. Ren Poh. Visible results with minimal downtime. Skin maintenance, acne scar treatment, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented lesion and textural issue. Ultimate skin rejuvenation and investment.


ProFractional laser resurfacing by Sciton is a premium erbium laser on the market now which stands out for its exceptional skin rejuvenation results with minimal downtime, even for deeper ablation depths. ProFractionalTM is a fractionated erbium laser which provides optimal solution for scar revision, deep resurfacing, and overall skin maintenance. Delivering precision by targeting specific treatment areas, this laser resurfacing reduces downtime and stimulates collagen production for a smoother and more youthful complexion.

ProFractional is now available at our cosmetic and skin clinic in Canberra, performed by our energy-based medical skin treatment specialist, Dr. Ren Poh. Our clinic is commited to provide unparalleled skin results to our patients with treatments that are backed by science and evidence-based practices. Experience your next-level skin rejuvenation with Dr. Ren, as he ensures a highly personalised care and optimal outcomes based on individual needs and skin types. Book online today to kick-start your skin journey to healthier-looking skin with us.

ProFractional Laser Skin Resurfacing by Sciton available at Ren Cosmedical Canberra ACT Australia. Laser procedure on patient is by Dr. Ren Poh. Visible results with minimal downtime. Skin maintenance, acne scar treatment, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented lesion and textural issue.


ProFractional is a skin rejuvenation which works by using the laser to create microchannels in the skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting tissue renewal. The laser targets specific areas, leaving surrounding skin untouched, which aids in faster healing. This fractional approach minimises downtime and reduces the risk of complications compared to traditional ablative lasers. The controlled injury to the skin prompts the body’s natural healing processes, resulting in improved texture, reduced wrinkles, and enhanced overall skin appearance. ProFractional is commonly used for treating wrinkles, scars, and sun damage, offering a versatile and effective solution for skin revitalisation.

The tunable technology allows Dr. Ren to customise each treatments based on patient’s needs and skin concerns, offering options for superficial to deep resurfacing across diverse skin types. The ability to independently adjust the depth of both ablation (removal of tissue) and coagulation (blood vessel sealing) during treatments ensures safer treatment and reduced unwanted side effects for all skin types. Therefore, this makes ProFractional an excellent treatment to promote collagen synthesis and an effective choice for achieving healthier, rejuvenated skin.

ProFractional Laser Skin Resurfacing by Sciton available at Ren Cosmedical Canberra ACT Australia. Laser procedure is by Dr. Ren Poh. Visible results with minimal downtime. Skin maintenance, acne scar treatment, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented lesion and textural issue. Laser penetration depth.
ProFractional Laser Skin Resurfacing by Sciton available at Ren Cosmedical Canberra ACT Australia. Laser procedure is by Dr. Ren Poh. Visible results with minimal downtime. Skin maintenance, acne scar treatment, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented lesion and textural issue. Handpiece for fractional laser resurfacing available at Canberra Cosmetic and Skin Clinic.


ProFractional utilises erbium:YAG laser technology with a wavelength at 2940 nm. As it uses this safer wavelength, ProFractional reduces discomfort, downtime and risk of complications for patients, even for darker skin types, when compared to other fully ablative resurfacing lasers, such as ablative CO2 laser. ProFractional can be used for face and body and is safe for all skin types.

ProFractional Er:YAG resurfacing achieves deep dermal penetration to remove the visible signs of skin damage for improved tone and texture—all in one effective, minimal downtime treatment.


Any individual can benefit from ProFractionalTM laser treatment as it can be used on any area of the body where there is sun damage or textural concerns. Popular treatment areas are face, neck, décolletage and back of hands. ProFractional laser is safe for all skin types (including ethnic or Asian skin type), male and female. Skin prep will be required for patients with darker skin type.

ProFractional indications:

  • fine lines
  • moderate to deep wrinkles
  • sun damage/dyschromia
  • enlarged pores or uneven skin texture
  • acne scars
  • post-surgical scars (e.g. breast augmentation, C-section, abdominoplasty, etc.)
  • post-traumatic scars
  • signs of ageing
  • pigmented lesions (e.g. sunspots, freckles, actinic keratosis)
  • skin laxity or crepey skin


Results may vary depending on skin quality before treatment, skintype and treatment aggresiveness. Patients can expect to see improvements of smoother skin texture, softer appearance of lines and wrinkles with lesser pigmentation within a week, even after one session. Depending on factors such as skin condition, sun protection and lifestyle, results may last months to years. We recommend maintenance treatments in every 6 to 12 months to sustain ProFractional’s anti-ageing benefits over time. For acne scarrings and burn scars, multiple sessions and/or treatment combinations will be required to achieve optimal results.

ProFractional laser can be used in combination with other Sciton’s resurfacing laser and BroadBand Light for maximum skin benefits by addressing multiple skin concerns in one single session, thereby reducing the total downtime required. Consult with our Dr. Ren Poh for a more personalised advice and treatment plan to suit your skin needs and lifestlye. Please note that individuals who are planning for events (weddings, corporate dinner, birthdays, etc.) are highly recommended to book in for ProFractional laser treatment 6 months to 1 year before the event. 

During your ProFractional consultation:

Our cosmetic physician will have a face-to-face consultation with you where you can discuss your concerns or questions about the treatment. Please ensure that all makeup is removed well before your consultation for an accurate examination of your facial skin. You may leave your sunscreen on (preferably untinted), which can be removed during consultation.

Please advise our cosmetic physician if you:

  • have allergic/anaphylaxis reactions to anaesthetic agents.
  • are regularly taking anti-coagulation therapy
  • have a skin condition
  • have a history of herpes or cold sores (anti-viral medication pre and post treatment is highly recommended to prevent outbreak of cold sores. It can be prescribed to you if needed)
  • are prone to acne breakouts (topical antibiotic cream as prophylaxis can be prescribed to you if needed)
  • have tattoo(s), henna, cosmetic tattoos or other body inks.
  • had tattoo removal on face and/or body.

To ensure skin is in optimal condition before ProFractional treatment, a lightening cream or skin preparation cream may be prescribed by our cosmetic physician to be used for 2 to 4 weeks during the initial consultation. 

Skin preparation / requirement before ProFractional treatment:

The key to achieving desirable results with ProFractional is to use a combination of sun protection regularly. Use SPF 50+ sunscreen regularly and sun protection clothing (e.g., hats, long sleeves shirts, umbrella). Always reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Avoid extended sun exposure such as beach, travel to sunny locations, sunbathing, outdoor sports, etc.

Stop use of topical retinol or retinoic acid for 1 week prior to treatment.

No recent sunburn experience or fake tans for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.

No isotretinoin for a year prior to treatment.

On the day of ProFractional treatment appointment:

Please come without any makeup on face. Use sunscreen only (preferably untinted) and this will be removed at clinic before treatment.

Wear comfortable clothes for treatment with wide necklines or with straps for easier treatment access, especially if neck and/or décolletage are to be treated.

Please leave jewellery (e.g., earrings, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) at home or remove them before treatment.

Wear a wide brim hat or use umbrella before and after treatment.

The area of skin being treated is firstly cleansed thoroughly. Topical anaesthetic is then prescribed and applied to the area being treated, leaving it on for 30 to 45 minutes. Skin is cleansed again to remove topical anaesthetic. Protective eye shields are then placed to cover patient’s eyes.

The procedure produces a snapping or popping sound. Some level of pain and discomfort are expected and they vary from patient to patient, depending on treatment aggresiveness. Pinpoint bleeding may occur in certain treatment areas. Cooling device is also used together to minimise the discomfort and heat associated with the procedure.

After the procedure, a hydrating and cooling facial sheet mask is applied over the treated area immediately and the cooling device continues to be used to increase patient’s comfort level. Post-treatment soothing balm is applied lastly to the treated skin. Use of hat or umbrella is highly recommended after the procedure.


Recovery varies between patients, depending on treatment depth and aggresiveness. It also takes into account of patient’s skin concerns, health of skin and healing ability. In the first 24 hours, mild redness, burning and discomfort are expected in the treated area. This will be followed with peeling and flaking of skin over the next few days. 

For a standard ProFractional treatment on face, 5 to 10 days of downtime is expected with redness, swelling and minimal pain. 

For a standard ProFractional treatment on neck, décolletage or other body treatment areas, downtime may take up to 2 weeks.

Treatment duration:

Treatment duration varies depending on treatment areas and complexities.

For standard full face ProFractional treatment, treatment duration is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. This includes duration for skin cleansing, photo-taking, 30 to 45 minutes for topical anaesthetic application and 30 to 40 minutes for laser procedure.

The results and longevity of a ProFractional treatment varies and depends on the condition of the skin before treatment and how well the skin is protected from UV damage after treatment. If ProFractional is used to treat relatively healthy skin for fine lines, wrinkles and mild to moderate sun damage, one treatment will show visible results. If it is to treat severe sun damage, dyschromias and deeper scars and wrinkles, two or more sessions are recommended to obtain more optimal results. Patient with darker skin type will require more treatment sessions as the settings used are much lower to ensure safety and to reduce risk of pigmentation changes. Hormonal pigmentation will also require more treatments at very low settings.

For a standard full face ProFractional treatment, patient can expect recovery process as outlined below (for reference only):

Day 1 and 2:

Mild redness and swelling are expected in the treated area. Tiny, dark spots and bronzed appearance will appear on the treated skin over the course of these two days. These may look like “coffee-grounds” on the skin and are referred as MENDs (Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris). MENDs are sections of treated skin being removed from the body, which are then replaced by healthy new skin.

Day 3 to 5:

Skin feels tight and dry with decreased redness. May experience slight flaking of the dry skin and more MENDs appearing on treated skin. Certain individuals may experience acne breakouts, which can be managed with topical antibiotic cream as prophylaxis if required. Mineral based and light makeup can be applied after 48 hours post treatment. Use only clean make-up applicators.

Day 6 to 7:

Noticeable glow or luminosity to skin. Dryness and mild flaking are expected, which should resolve very soon.

4 to 6 months after treatment:

Skin continues to improve and looks healthier.

ProFractional treatments can be used in combination with various other procedures such as Contour TRL, HALO laser, MicroLaserPeel, NanoLaserPeel, Broadband Light (BBL), anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, bio-remodelling injectablesHydrafacial, Healite II LED light therapy, chemical peels, etc. Talk to our cosmetic physician to customise your treatment plan to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome.

Treatment is not be suitable if you:

  • Are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding
  • Have epilepsy or migraines triggered by flashing lights
  • Have porphyria
  • Are using skincare products (e.g. retinol, Vitamin A, serums)
  • Are on photosensitising medications or have light sensitive disorders
  • Have used isotretinoin within the last year prior to treatment
  • Have received any cosmetic injectable or thread lift treatment(s) 4 weeks prior to Halo treatment
  • Have skin care or other facial/laser/IPL treatment programs within the last year
  • Have tattoo(s), henna, cosmetic tattoos (such as eyebrow or lips tattoo) or other body inks (permanent or temporary)
  • Have previous tattoo removal on face and/or body
  • Have open wounds or skin injury
  • Have recent sunburn, prolonged unprotected sun exposure or solarium use 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Have used fake tans 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Are on anti-coagulant medication or heavy aspirin use
  • Have an active infection and/or compromised immune system.
  • Have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scar formation
  • Have skin cancers or skin infections

Contact us if you are unsure.

Full aftercare information sheet will be provided following the treatment. 

All ProFractional laser treatment prices and packages are at cosmetic physician rate, which include a standard review at 2-week mark and aftercare support. For a more tailored packages (such as multiple treatment areas in a single ProFractional laser session or ScitonStax add-ons), quotes can be provided during consultation.

Price guide:

ProFractional laser treatment for full face:

  • Starts from $1,650 per session (formal quote on consultation depends on treatment intensity)
  • Single session, expect 5 to 10 days of downtime for face treatment, depending on treatment aggresiveness
  • 1 complimentary post-care kit to take home for post-treatment care

*Please note that ProFractional laser treatment package has to be used within 6 months from date of purchase and is non-transferable.

*Prices shown are in AUD and include GST. Ren Cosmedical reserves the right to alter prices and change any promotional offer without further notice.

*Recovery and downtime vary from person to person.

*Results may vary from person to person.

*Terms and conditions apply. For more information on our cancellation and refund policies, please go to our FAQ page.

*All cosmetic medical procedures have benefits, risks and potential side effects. Always ask for more information before proceeding.