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AccuTite RF skin tightening treatment is now available at Ren Cosmedical Canberra. AccuTite uses a smaller cannula than FaceTite which allows Dr. Ren Poh to precisely treat small and hard-to-reach areas of the face. It can treat under the skin deeper compared to other RF and ultrasound treatments for significant skin tightening effect with continuous collagen and elastin production over a period of 3 to 6 months. AccuTite is considered as the next best alternative to surgical mini facelift/blepharoplasty or as maintenance skin tightening treatment for those who already have surgical facelifts or blepharoplasty. The mini-facelift-like results from AccuTite can last 3 to 5 years without the need for stitches, scalpels, long downtime, painful recovery or expensive surgery. Most patients will see some immediate skin tightening effect after the procedure, which continues to improve over time.


At Ren Cosmedical Canberra, we are excited to introduce the latest anti-ageing radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening, non-surgical face and neck contouring treatments at our cosmetic clinic — the Embrace RF platform by InMode. EmbraceRF offers non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments for face and neck which are AccuTite, FaceTite and Morpheus8 (RF micro-needling device). AccuTite uses ground-breaking radio-frequency-assisted-lipolysis (RFAL) technology to tighten sagging and loose skin, reduce fat and redefine contours for the face and neck. It is a doctor-only procedure which is performed by Dr. Ren at our boutique cosmetic clinic in Wanniassa.


Patients who need precision fat reduction or skin contraction now have a solution that can be done under local anaesthesia in an office setting without excisional surgery. AccuTite is suitable to treat areas such as brows (for eye brow lift), lower and upper eyelids, eyebags (for eyebag reduction), double chin and nasolabial folds (smile or laugh lines).

FaceTite can also be added-on with AccuTite for a more complete non-surgical facelift. Talk to Dr. Ren if you would like to do both procedures on the same day.

EmbraceRF FaceTite AccuTite Morpheus8 Ren Cosmedical Canberra Dr Ren Poh Skin Tightening Non surgical facelift necklift smaller cannula


Patients can expect long-lasting results, 3 to 5 years, which is fairly comparable with durations of mini-facelift or blepharoplasty results. Skin becomes tighter with lesser irregularities and reduction in lines and wrinkles. For treatment in the eye areas, patients can see visible reduction of eyebags, puffy eyelids and lines around the eye, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

EmbraceRF by InMode offers FaceTite, AccuTite and Morpheus8 at Ren Cosmedical Laser, Vein and Cosmetic Clinic in Canberra by Dr Ren Poh. It is the latest skin tightening treatment, non-surgical facelift, necklift and blepharoplasty.


The beauty of EmbraceRf platform is that it combines two of the most advanced and innovative treatments on the market in RF technology with thin cannula and micro-needling devices that are FDA-approved. This makes skin tightening treatments highly customisable to treat any areas of the face and neck.


AccuTite and FaceTite uses RFAL technology to deliver RF current via thin cannula device that is inserted below the skin, in order to heat and contract surrounding fat tissues to tighten skin and redefine contours internally. Morpheus8 RF micro-needling device has fractional tips with different gold-plated micro-needle configurations to deliver RF energy onto targeted treatment areas at various depths, to tighten and smoothen skin’s surface and texture externally.

By combining these cannula and micro-needling RF devices during treatment, Dr. Ren can simultaneously remodel the skin’s collagen at a deeper level and reduce unwanted fat (internally), whilst smoothening irregularities and tightening skin (externally), therefore achieving a more well-rounded skin tightening effect.

To learn more about FaceTite RF skin tightening, please click here

To learn more about Morpheus8 RF microneedling, please click here.

EmbraceRF FaceTite AccuTite Morpheus8 Ren Cosmedical Canberra Dr Ren Poh Skin Tightening Non surgical radiofrequency heat depth

AccuTite, FaceTite and Morpheus8 are suitable for all skin type as they do not target water or melanin in the skin. This makes it a very safe treatment even for darker or ethnic skin type with lesser risk of hyperpigmentation.


All AccuTite treatments will include a single session of Morpheus8 RF micro-needling. Depending on patient’s skin quality, aesthetic goals and needs, Dr. Ren can combine AccuTite with other treatments to achieve the following:

  • Add-on 2 or more sessions of Morpheus8 (recommended, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart) for optimal and long-lasting skin tightening results.
  • FaceTite for a more complete skin tightening results, equivalent to a full non-surgical facelift.
  • Bio-remodelling injectables for skin rejuvenation and tightening of targeted treatment area(s).
  • Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) to increase collagen production and enhanced healing to treatment areas. 
  • Anti-wrinkle Injections to further reduce lines or wrinkles from deepening or formation of new ones. This combination helps to provide further subtle eye brow lift.
  • Dermal Fillers to further enhance facial definition and contours or to address volume loss.
AccuTite at Ren Cosmedical Canberra by Dr. Ren Poh. It is a non-surgical mini facelift or blepharoplasty a.k.a. upper and lower heavy and puffy eyelid treatment and eyebags to treat skin laxity. Can be used for nasolabial folds or smile lines. Soften lines and wrinkles while tighten skin.


Always research what is available in your area. Regardless of any cosmetic procedure you are considering, the quality of your results are determined by the qualifications of the treating practitioner and reputation of the cosmetic clinic. Choosing a high-quality cosmetic provider ensures consistent results and enhanced treatment experience.

At Ren Cosmedical, all FaceTite, AccuTite and Morpheus8 treatments are done by Dr. Ren Poh, who is passionate about helping his patients to achieve their aesthetic and skincare goals. He believes in developing good patient-doctor relationship and ensuring that they receive quality care and consistent results. Treatments are also performed in a spacious and dedicated medical facility, which allows for increased patient comfort and safety.

During your AccuTite consultation:

Our cosmetic physician will have a face-to-face consultation and facial assessment with you prior to treatment. Please ensure that all makeup is removed well before your consultation for an accurate examination of your facial skin. You may leave your sunscreen on (preferably untinted), which can be removed during consultation.

Please advise our cosmetic physician if you:

  • have allergic/anaphylaxis reactions to anaesthetic agents.
  • are regularly taking anti-coagulant medication or fish oil supplements.
  • are on blood-thinning medication such as aspirin.
  • have a skin condition.
  • have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator.
  • have a superficial implants (metal plates, screws, metal piercing, cochlear implants) in treatment areas.
  • are on photo-sensitising medications (such as isotretinoin).
  • have recent silicone implants, permanent fillers, threads or wrinkle relaxer in treatment areas.
  • have a history of herpes or cold sores (anti-viral medication pre and post treatment is highly recommended to prevent outbreak of cold sores. It can be prescribed to you if needed).
  • have recently tanned skin.
  • have not followed the prescribed skin prep prior to treatment.

Skin preparation / requirement before AccuTite treatment:

The key to achieving desirable results with AccuTite is to use a combination of sun protection regularly. Use SPF 50+ sunscreen regularly and sun protection clothing (e.g., hats, long sleeves shirts, umbrella). Always reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking/vaping 48 hours prior to treatment as these will impede recovery.

No blood-thinning medication, anti-coagulant medication/fish or krill oil supplement, anti-inflammatory medication, vitamin E, herbal supplements for at least 1 week prior to treatment, as these may contribute to possible bruising.

Avoid extended sun exposure such as beach, travel to sunny locations, sunbathing, outdoor sports, etc.

Stop use of topical retinol or retinoic acid for 1 week prior to treatment.

No recent sunburn experience or fake tans for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.

No isotretinoin for a year prior to treatment.

On the day of AccuTite treatment appointment:

Please come without heavy makeup on face. Use sunscreen only and this will be removed at clinic before treatment.

Please leave jewellery (e.g., earrings, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) at home or remove them before treatment.

Wear a wide brim hat or use umbrella before and after treatment.

AccuTite is performed as a day procedure. It is recommended to have a designated person to drive you home after the procedure.

The area of skin being treated is firstly cleansed thoroughly before treatment zones are marked on the face. Local anaesthetic will then be injected into these treatment zones to numb the areas.   

Tiny holes will be made under the chin and on both sides of the patient’s face. A specially designed AccuTite probe with cannula will then be inserted through these tiny holes. The cannula will be guided along, under the skin, to heat targeted areas with excess fat and laxity. The probe emits a sound as RF energy is being delivered, which sounds similar to a single piano key being played repeatedly. Patient may also feel some tugging, “popping” sound and pressure during the procedure.

The AccuTite procedure includes Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment, a treatment that is well-tolerated by patients, depending on treatment areas and treatment intensity. The Morpheus8 RF microneedling device will be stamped by practitioner in a uniform manner onto the skin with mild pressure being felt. Pinpoint bleeding may occur.

After Morpheus8 treatment, skin is cleansed again and patted dry.


Recovery varies between patients, depending on treatment depth and aggresiveness. It also takes into account of patient’s skin concerns, health of skin and healing ability.

For a standard AccuTite + Morpheus8 treatment on face, 2 to 4 weeks of downtime is expected with minimal bruising, swelling and pain. 

For a standard AccuTite + Morpheus8 treatment other body treatment areas, downtime may take up to 1 to 2 months.

Treatment duration:

Treatment duration varies depending on treatment areas and complexities. AccuTite procedure that is properly performed with care takes time and should never be rushed. Our Dr. Ren Poh ensures patient safety and comfort are top priority at our cosmetic clinic.

As a guide, for standard AccuTite treatment around eye areas, treatment duration is approximately 1 hour. This includes duration for skin cleansing, photo-taking, local anaesthetic injections, 15 to 25 minutes of AccuTite procedure and 10 minutes for Morpheus8 procedure. 

The results and longevity of a AccuTite procedure vary and depend on the condition of the skin before treatment and how well the skin is protected from UV damage after treatment. Most patients require 1 to 2 sessions, with at least a year apart to achieve optimal skin tightening results.

For individuals with mild skin laxity (e.g. mild eye ptosis, eyelid puffiness, eyebrow sag, nasolabial folds), they can benefit from just 1 AccuTite session with noticeable results of reduced puffiness/heaviness on targeted area, tighter surrounding skin and lesser or softer lines within 2 weeks. Please note that as our skin continues to age, an annual maintenance treatment is highly recommended to maintain skin tightening results and to delay the ageing process. Individuals who are planning for events (weddings, corporate dinner, birthdays, etc.) are highly recommended to book in for AccuTite procedure 6 months to 1 year before the event. 

For those with medium skin laxity (e.g. medium puffiness in upper eyelids or lower eyelids/eyebags or nasolabial folds), 2 sessions of AccuTite procedure may be required for optimal results. Add-on maintenance treatments of Morpheus8 RF microneedling are also recommended and will be tailored by Dr. Ren in a treatment plan, based on individual’s needs.

Peak collagen remodelling occurs 3 to 6 months after the AccuTite + Morpheus8 procedure. This continues to improve over time with long-lasting results for most individuals, depending on frequency of Morpheus8 treatment or other complementary treatment(s) such as HALO laserBBL, bio-remodelling injectables, etc.

For AccuTite + Morpheus8 treatment, patient can expect recovery process as outlined below (for reference only):

Day 1 to 3 (in some cases, up to 6 days):

Redness, swelling, bruising and sensitivity are expected in the treatment area. Tiny, red spots, bumps and grid marks will appear on the treated skin over the course of these days. They may look like “coffee-grounds” on the skin and are referred as MENDs (Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris). MENDs are sections of treated skin being removed from the body, which are then replaced by healthy new skin. This is more common following a Morpheus8 treatment after AccuTite and if individual is of darker skin Fitzpatrick.

Day 4 to 1 week:

Skin feels tight and dry with decreased redness and swelling. May experience slight flaking of the dry skin and more MENDs appearing on treated skin. Mineral based and light makeup can be applied with clean brushes only after 48 hours post treatment.

2 to 4 weeks:

Skin may still feel tight and dry, but improvements are noticeable with smoother, firmer and tighter skin around treatment area. Noticeable reduction in puffiness/bagginess for treatment on upper or lower eyelids. “Lifting effect” if treatment is on upper eyebrows. Grid marks from Morpheus8 will be less noticable as MENDS continue to dissipate within these weeks. If treatment is on the body, MENDS will continue to dissipate within 4 to 6 weeks. These are microscopic injury sites and may appear as slight darkening of the skin.

4 to 6 months after treatment:

Skin continues to remodel with collagen stimulation process. Results of smoother skin with tightening effect up to 3 years.

AccuTite procedure can be used in combination with various other procedures such as FaceTite, Morpheus8, HALO laserBroadband Light (BBL)anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, bio-remodelling injectables, PDO mono threadsHealite II LED light therapychemical peels, etc. Talk to our cosmetic physician to customise your treatment plan to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome.

AccuTite is not be suitable if you:

  • Have severe sagging skin or deep wrinkles, as you may not benefit from AccuTite with significant cosmetic improvement.
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have allergic reaction to product ingredients.
  • Have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator.
  • Have a superficial implants (metal plates, screws, metal piercing, cochlear implants) in treatment areas.
  • Have silicone implants, permanent fillers, threads or wrinkle relaxer in treatment areas.
  • Have a history of herpes or cold sores (anti-viral medication pre and post treatment is highly recommended to prevent outbreak of cold sores. It can be prescribed to you if needed).
  • Have active flare-up of skin conditions (e.g. psoriasis or eczema).
  • Have recently tanned skin.
  • Have unrealistic expectations of what treatment can achieve.

Contact us if you are unsure.

Full aftercare information sheet will be provided following the treatment. 

All AccuTite + Morpheus8 packages are at cosmetic physician rate, which include a standard review at 2-week mark and aftercare support. For a more tailored packages (such as multiple treatment areas, multiple Morpheus8 sessions or other treatment add-ons), quotes can be provided during consultation.

Price guide:

1 session of AccuTite + 1 session of Morpheus8  treatment package for upper eyelids or lower eyelids or upper eyebrows:

  • $3,000 for single session
  • Expect a 1 to 2 weeks of downtime
  • 1 session of Healite LED light therapy 
  • 1 complimentary eye serum to take home for skincare around eye area (this complimentary offer is for limited time only)

1 session of AccuTite + 1 session of Morpheus8  treatment package for periorbital area (upper eyelids, lower eyelids and upper eyebrows):

  • $5,500 for single session
  • Expect a 1 to 2 weeks of downtime
  • 1 session of Healite LED light therapy 
  • 1 complimentary eye serum to take home for skincare around eye area (this complimentary offer is for limited time only)

*Please note that AccuTite treatment package and its complimentary Healite session have to be used within 6 months from date of purchase and is non-transferable.

*Prices shown are in AUD and include GST. Ren Cosmedical reserves the right to alter prices and change any promotional offer without further notice.

*Recovery and downtime vary from person to person.

*Results may vary from person to person.

*Terms and conditions apply. For more information on our cancellation and refund policies, please go to our FAQ page.

*All cosmetic medical procedures have benefits, risks and potential side effects. Always ask for more information before proceeding.